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College of Undergraduate Studies

at Immaculata University!

Join our growing community of faith, learning, and service. Get an invigorating education in a supportive environment. Prepare for leadership and lifelong learning.


Immaculata’s College of Undergraduate Studies provides a strong liberal arts foundation that will serve you well in the world of work, in professional or graduate school, and in all of life.

Through our core curriculum, you’ll gain knowledge of human cultures and the natural world, you’ll build your analytical and communication skills, and you’ll grow in personal and social responsibility.


you’ll grow

Your time here - both in and outside of the classroom—will enrich you academically, professionally, socially, and spiritually.

Feel free to contact one of our admissions counselors or call 1-877-42-TODAY to discuss your interests, ask questions, and learn more about our programs and financial aid. We look forward to talking with you!

Prospective Students

Immaculata University offers an education
that will stimulate your mind and advance
your career, and a community that will
support and shape you.
  • Choose from an array of academic programs and get valuable work experience through an internship.
  • Take advantage of our 10:1 student/faculty ratio by getting to know your professors in close-knit classes.
  • Participate in leadership, service, and social activities through our campus organizations.
  • Take a quick train ride into Philadelphia to grab a cheesesteak, see a play, or tour a museum.

Financial Aid

Does college feel like it’s out of reach
for you because it’s out of reach for
your bank account?

We’re here to put a college degree within reach of academically qualified students. The Office of Financial Aid assists all students with documented financial need without regard to race, color, gender, handicap, or national or ethnic origin. All admission decisions are made without respect to the applicant's financial need.

We expect parents and students to contribute toward the cost of a college education. To the extent that funds are available, your financial aid package will contain two forms of aid, both gifts (grants and scholarships) and self-help (employment and loans).


Getting financial aid may seem intimidating, but our online step-by-step guide will help. And you’re always welcome to contact us if you have questions.

Campus Resources

Round out your education by taking advantage of the activities we offer. Create your own vibrant university experience.

Campus Ministry

Grow in your faith, participate in service projects, and enjoy fellowship.

Business Office

Pay your tuition bill, pick up your paycheck, and more.


Buy, rent, or sell your textbooks, and show your school spirit with Immaculata gear.

Dining Services

Get information about on-campus dining options.

Student Activities & Leadership

Participate in IU's activities and events.

Current International Students

Get help navigating life in the U.S., including visas and employment.

One Card

Get an all-in-one ID card that allows you to make bookstore purchases, buy meals, check out library books, and access campus buildings.

Transportation & Parking

Learn about public transportation options and parking guidelines.


Residence Life and Housing is dedicated to developing a comprehensive program centered on students’ residential needs. The department focuses on community development and civility, growth of individual students, and promotion of academic success through collaboration with members of the campus and local community.


IU commuters make the Dome their home away from home. Did you know that more than 50% of College of Undergraduate Studies students commute to Immaculata? Check out our site to find information about events, parking, study and snack spots, and how to get involved on campus!


Any questions, please e-mail: CommuterLife@immaculata.edu

Academic Resources

Need some help? We have numerous resources available to students. Pathways to Success integrates Academic Advising, Career Development, Academic Accommodations, Tutoring Services, Math Center and Writing Center to help guide you through college and into your career.

Pathways to Success

The Immaculata University Pathways Center integrates academic advising, career development and academic support services. Advisors and counselors will guide you at every step of your college journey, from selecting a major in the beginning of your academic career, to landing a great position upon graduation.

Academic Advising

Stop by to drop/add courses, sign up for summer studies, or get general academic advice.

Academic Success Center

Take your tests in our distraction-free location, learn about study skills and organization, or get personalized academic coaching.

Academic Accommodations will assist you because of a documented learning differences.

Tutoring Services is for one-on-one or group sessions with a peer tutor in any subject.

Career Development

Get internship information, vocational guidance, and personal support as you explore jobs, network, as well as creating a career plan.

The Writing Center

The Writing Center can help you in the planning, drafting, and revising stages of your writing.

The Math Center

The Math Center will work you to help you master material from any mathematics course.

& Family

Your son or daughter may be leaving home and starting a new adventure at college, but you are still an important part of his or her education and development.

At Immaculata, we value the important role that parents or guardians play in the life of their college students. We encourage you to be actively involved in the academic, social, and personal growth your children will enjoy as they become members of the Immaculata community.

We want you to know that you are also a part of this community. We are committed to helping your family navigate the college experience and get the most out of it.


We offer nine men’s and ten women’s Division III teams, with great sports facilities.

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