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Our orientation co-chairs, Cleo Hoey ’22 and Ryan Leon ’23, talked with us about their New Student Orientation (NSO) experiences, what they want you to get out of NSO, and their top tips for new students.

What was it like heading into your own NSO experience? How did things change after NSO?

Cleo: I was nervous, which is common. I was a commuter and figured everyone had already moved in and settled, and I was going to be the odd one out. But it wasn’t like that at all—everyone was pleasant and kind. I felt comfortable right away. It’s normal to be nervous, but I was relieved to find that I didn’t have anything to worry about.

Ryan: I was pretty nervous going into my first NSO. Not only was I going to college out of state, but I was flying in from a different country the day before. A lot of things were going through my mind. But overall, I was super excited to finally meet the other new students. After going to NSO I and II, getting to interact with students and staff, it really set in place that this was the right choice. I felt very comfortable. I knew for sure that this was the school for me.

What kind of experience do you want to give students at this year’s NSO?

Cleo: We want students to have a positive transition to Immaculata, because this time is integral to figuring out your identity and stepping into college life. We want everyone to feel like they can call IU home, make friends, grow and start creating positive memories. NSO helps establish your comfort zone.

Ryan: I want to make sure they have fun. I want the students to love this school and everything it has to offer. I want them to feel like part of a community that cares about them and values them.

Any tips for new students?  

Cleo: Check out the grotto—it’s such a tranquil place to spend time. I love it especially when there’s snow—it looks like a Christmas card!

Take classes that will complement the requirements for your program. You may be able to fulfill a liberal arts course requirement by taking an unusual class in philosophy or psychology, for example.

My advisors have done everything they can to meet with me and help me take the classes I want to work toward my double major. Their support is incredible. IU is a place that asks, “How can we help you in your journey?”

But if you’re undecided about a major or a career, you don’t need to know right now. Your purpose is to learn as much as you can about what you’re interested in and passionate about, and from there you can pursue a career. And you can always try something new later on.

Ryan: Don’t be afraid to talk to people. Make friends with all levels of students, try joining clubs and get to know your classmates. Everyone here is so friendly, and you’re bound to find people you click with.

Get ready to hear from other students about life at IU, get answers to your questions and bond with your classmates. Learn more about New Student Orientation here.


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