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Biology Bond: Adult Students Pursue Career Dreams Together

Aleah Majors and Tasia Murrille

It’s a wonderful feeling knowing that someone has your back!

For Tasia Murrille and Aleah Majors, they have one another. Meeting as coworkers at Johnson & Johnson in Malvern, Aleah and Tasia discovered that they had many things in common. They both were raising families with young children, and they both aspired to become scientists.

Upon learning of their career aspirations, another colleague recommended Immaculata University. Attending an open house was all it took. “The guest speaker they had that night was so good. I cried,” Tasia said. “I looked at Aleah and said, ‘Why aren’t you crying?’” she says, laughing. Hearing from people in similar situations, who are juggling life and earning a degree, provided the encouragement they needed to enroll.

The pair began their educational journey together in the Associate of Science in Biology program. They are taking two courses per semester, all online. Tasia is thrilled that the online Immaculata environment is more supportive than a previous experience with an online platform. They both love the flexibility that the classes offer busy adults.

Tasia and Aleah keep each other accountable for classwork. “If I have to cut something open, I want Aleah to be my partner—I’ll do all the other stuff…but not cut open anything,” Tasia says with a half grin while trying to keep a straight face. “It’s late in the day and I see that Tasia hasn’t posted anything yet [for the online discussion board for class]. I’ll message her and let her know,” Aleah explains. Tasia responds that she does not want to let Aleah down.

Aleah’s way of staying on track is to schedule everything in her life—including bedtime for her two- and five-year-old children. Aleah laughs, telling the story of when Tasia asked her why she did not have a bedtime for the kids. “You need to have a bedtime,” her friend insisted. Because of her advice, Aleah now has peace and quiet to complete her homework.

For Tasia, the best time for her to catch up on reading assignments is at the ballpark, in the gym or on the field while her kids are engaged in their sports.

The two women take advantage of every free moment that they have to work on homework, discuss a class assignment and just talk things over, usually at lunch. They both reiterate that everyone at Johnson & Johnson is supportive and encouraging.

Aleah and Tasia hope to advance their careers at Johnson & Johnson. Tasia is interested in research and development of products, which she finds energizing. Aleah, who went to college for nursing, is interested in the quality control and testing side of the corporation.

One creating, one testing the creation. They will continue to have each other’s backs.

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