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If you’re facing some extra time at home and you want to do something more productive than binge-watching Netflix and #QuarantineCooking, consider taking an online class this summer. You’ll add some structure to your days and feel a sense of accomplishment.

Be smart about your summer. Invest in yourself and your skills. Credits you earn at Immaculata can help you finish your degree faster.

Study now, take the pressure off later

Taking a summer class could lighten your course load during the school year. If you need to fulfill some general education requirements in biology, chemistry, English composition, Spanish, social sciences or music, take advantage of your time now.

If you’re enrolled at another institution, check with your advisor there to confirm that courses you take at IU will transfer. IU is an accredited university, so in many cases, your credits will transfer easily.

Flexible online learning

All-online courses give you the flexibility you need, with plenty of support. Immaculata offers a free online success seminar that will help you navigate the online learning environment. So if your August vacation plans are looking a little more probable, you can still complete your assignments from anywhere.

You can choose from three summer sessions that run for seven weeks or 15 weeks, with flexible times that work for your schedule.

More time to focus

The relaxed pace of summer will help you focus on a challenging course. If you’re nervous about notoriously tough courses such as Anatomy and Physiology or Statistics, why not try taking them this summer when you’ll be free to give them more attention? Or if you just want some extra time to hone your guitar chops or brush up on your business skills, now is the time.

Ready to make the most of your summer?

You can search for courses by subject. Select “Summer 2020,” and then choose your subject of interest to see the list of available courses.

Learn more and register here.

If you’ve never taken any college courses, check out Immaculata’s Jump Start Summer Program for high school students and recent graduates to get a taste of college and earn academic credits.

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