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MARCH 10, 2020 and APRIL 18, 2020—Two Special Events!

Spirituality Under the Dome at Immaculata University is for people who seek or wish to deepen a relationship with God in their 21st century lives. Spirituality Under the Dome seeks to provide presenters and performances as a way of nourishing and supporting people’s expressed desire to live in meaningful relationship with God and neighbor.

Mystical Oneness (MO): A NEW Christian Narrative and Modus Operandi for the world | Presented by Kevin Barr

• Tuesday, March 10, 2020, 7-8pm
• Great Hall, Immaculata University

This creative presentation will look to the mystics (past and present) as well as to the advances of science as we unmask the illusion of a “separate God” and celebrate the wonders of this relational universe. A NEW mystical and universal Christ consciousness beckons. Remember, “Mysticism is not something we achieve; it is something we receive.” Be ready to follow Richard Rohr’s advice: “take your Christian head off: shake it wildly, and put it back on!” The “old” fear based mindset must die and be replaced with Trust… Trust in the Divine and Trust in the unknown! A new Mystical Oneness (MO), a new consciousness, a new expansive HEART and a new “birthing and becoming” of God in us and all around us is awaiting.

About our presenter

In 2001, Kevin Barr attended a Men’s Rite of Passage led by Franciscan priest Richard Rohr. After this transformative experience Kevin left the business world and for the past 18 years has worked with low-income seniors, homeless men, and “women and men with special needs and different abilities” in various roles at Catholic Social Services. Kevin has a master’s degree in Religious Studies and a spiritual direction certificate from Neumann University. He has led spirituality reflections/workshops at several universities and retreat centers. His presentations at Immaculata’s Spirituality Under the Dome have been very well received. Kevin encourages participants to TUNE IN and Receive God’s Love through a mindful presence that gazes at life, love and faith with “new eyes” and a coherent heart and mind.

Easter Through the Arts | Presented by Kathy Coffey

• Saturday, April 18, 2020, 9:15am-12 Noon (8:30am coffee)
• Great Hall, Immaculata University

For over 2000 years, Christians have learned their faith from stories, stained glass, music, sculpture, drama, poetry and painting. These arts speak to different age groups, learning styles and educational levels, offering a way to engage respectfully with a multicultural world. We are made in the image of a creative God; appreciating human creativity draws us closer to the Creator. We’ll explore visual arts, literature and music in a context of beauty, where no interpretation is wrong.

About our presenter

Kathy Coffey is the author of sixteen books such as When the Saints Came Marching In (Liturgical Press) and many magazine articles. Her newest book, More Hidden Women of the Gospels will be published by Orbis in 2020. She has won seventeen awards from the Catholic Press Association, the Foley Poetry Award from America magazine, the Independent Publishers Book Award and the Associated Church Press Award for Editorial Courage. She gives many retreats and workshops nationally and internationally.

The mother of four and grandmother of six, she lives in the Bay area, CA. For more information, see her website:

Contact Information

For questions or additional information, please contact Sister Mary Henrich, IHM at 484-323-3434 or

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