Campus Emergency Response

Campus Emergency Response

An emergency is a situation creating imminent danger to lives or health, public and private property, or the ability of the University to reasonably carry on normal operations. An emergency could be caused by a natural disaster, man-made catastrophe, terrorist activity, civil disturbance, or other violent or threatening behavior by an individual or group.

One measure of an organization’s strength is its ability to respond well in an emergency. Since not every scenario can be predicted, an emergency response plan must be able to quickly adapt to events as they unfold. The Immaculata University Campus Emergency Operations Plan designates areas of responsibility and defines for the University the framework necessary to respond to emergency situations.

The Director of Safety and Protection and the Vice President for Student Development and Engagement are responsible for putting the plan into motion.The Emergency Response System at Immaculata University uses a system of three levels, with Level I being a minor emergency, Level II being a major emergency and Level III being a disaster or catastrophe, which requires a high level of coordination among local, state and national organizations.

In the event of a campus emergency, information pertaining to the situation will be communicated to the campus community via the University website and social media sites, campus telephone voicemail, and E2Campus mass notification system. Safety and Protection can be reached at extension 5555. Residence Life staff will be in the buildings to convey the information to residential students. These resources will be continually updated to keep the campus community informed.

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