Alcohol & Drug Policies


Immaculata University complies with regulations governing drug free schools and communities by annually distributing copies of the Student Handbook, which contains all such policies. Materials containing the required policies are located in the Office of Student Engagement and Development. Immaculata University encourages individual freedom and personal choice, but expects of its students recognition of their responsibility to the community and concern for the group. However, it also recognizes the University’s role to assume leadership in forming values.


Immaculata University conforms to the statutes of Pennsylvania concerning alcoholic beverages and accepts the responsibility to inform each student of his or her obligation to obey these laws. A student may not keep or consume alcoholic beverages in any form while on campus. Any student who in any way violates these regulations will be subject to disciplinary action. The actions imposed are enumerated in the Student Handbook.


The possession, use or sale of illegal drugs is not permitted. The University adheres to the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act Amendments of 1989. In addition to Immaculata’s disciplinary sanctions, violators are subject to legal sanctions under local, state and federal law. The disciplinary sanctions are enumerated in the Student Handbook.

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