NED 659 Preparation for Internship (3 credits, pass/fail grading)
Requires acceptance into the Dietetic Internship Program. Provides an orientation to the internship process and requirements, and overview of topics and skills that will be applied to the internship experience. (Fall semester)

NED 662-664 Internship Experience in Nutrition I, II, III (3 credits each, pass/fail grading)
Includes a seminar class and placement as a full-time dietetic intern in a hospital/community setting (total of 1,200 hours). (Fall, spring and full summer semesters respectively for full-time interns. Spring, full summer, and fall respectively for part-time interns)


Dietetic interns are also required to complete the following courses, either concurrently with or prior to the internship, with a minimum grade of a B.

GEN 502 Methods of Research (3 credits)  
This course is designed to examine comprehensive methodological approaches to qualitative and quantitative research. Rudiments of basic research process; skills in evaluating the research outcomes as valid, reliable and useful; and the application of this knowledge and skill in the creation of a simulated study are included. (Prerequisite: statistics course)

NED 641 Applied Nutrition and Metabolism: Macronutrients (3 credits)
Study of the biochemistry and metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and fats and their inter-relationships. (Prerequisites: GEN 502 Methods of Research may be taken concurrently with approval of department chair). (Fall semester)

NED 645 Medical Nutrition Therapy I (3 credits)
The role of nutrition in various disease states. Physiology of organ systems and an examination of the application of therapeutic intervention in selected pathological states. (Fall semester)

NED 655 Medical Nutrition Therapy II (3 credits)
Examination of the role of nutrition in nutrition support and critical care in various disease states. (Spring semester)

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