Summer Workshops

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Summer workshops are designed to provide unique, interactive learning opportunities for educators and administrators seeking Act 48 or Act 45 credit. Topics are created each summer to address current trends, innovative strategies, and practical application across content areas. Courses may be taken as standalone credits or as part of the Master of Arts in educational leadership upon admission and advisement.


Complete the graduate application for all programs (except MAT) and select “enrichment studies” as the program type. Submit official undergraduate or graduate transcripts indicating degree granted prior to registration. Our current degree-seeking students may register online via look-up classes. Please check with your advisor about applying credits to your program prior to registration.


Summer workshop courses are three graduate credits and charged at a reduced tuition rate of $535 per credit hour.


Upon completion, students will submit their ACT 48 (90 hours) or ACT 45/PIL (45 hours) to the certification office.


Please contact or 484-323-3005.


Summer 2023 Workshops

Building PK-16 Partnerships

Instructors: Dr. Bob Pleis, Sister Ann Heath, Dr. David Parkyn

Dates: July 10 – August 6

Format: Online asynchronous with two synchronous sessions on July 10 and July 31st from 3-5:30pm

Description: This course seeks to familiarize participants with the linkage between the PK-12 and the higher education continuum. Through this course participants will be able to contrast and compare similarities and differences between PK-12 school districts and higher education by exploring topics such as student populations, organizational structures, approaches to learning and leading, and avenues for stronger partnerships. This course acknowledges the value and articulates the opportunity to share across the PK-16 continuum to support leadership in the service of student achievement. The course is designed for PK-12 district superintendents, principals, school administrators.

Special Education Transition Planning for Students with Disabilities

Instructors: Dr. Karen Miscavage and Dr. Laura Eisemann

Dates: July 10- July 30th

Format: Online asynchronous with three synchronous sessions July 12, 19, 26th from 3-5pm

Description: This course is designed to help the teacher to develop new skills and to find innovative means for career and vocational-technical planning and training with individuals with exceptionalities. This course provides students with advanced training in the post-secondary transition process. In this program, students will enhance their understanding of transition-related regulations, policies, and procedures, and will explore best practices in assessment, instruction and curriculum, and interagency collaboration that are essential to provide appropriate transition services under IDEA 2004. This class meets the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) Special Education candidate competencies in Secondary Transition. The three (3) credits earned in this certificate program may be applied to a Master of Education with departmental approval and advisement.

Literacy Across the Curriculum (Grades 5-12)

Instructor: Dr. Kelly Doyle

Dates: June 26-30th

Format: Online asynchronous with three synchronous sessions June 26, 28, 30th from 9-11am

Description: This workshop will focus on practical instructional strategies that will enhance participants’ effectiveness in integrating literacy across the curriculum. The strategies can be readily implemented into various content areas. We will investigate the reading process, explore multiple types of literacies, review current and relevant professional resources, design strategies to improve comprehension of content, and collaborate with colleagues to increase our students’ active engagement in the content classroom. The three (3) credits earned in this certificate program may be applied to a Master of Education with departmental approval and advisement.

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