Spanish-Psychology, B.A.
Undergraduate Studies

As a psychologist, the last thing you need when working with clients is to have a language barrier. The ability to speak a second language is paramount in today’s world.

As a Spanish-psychology major at Immaculata, you will have an advantage working with the Hispanic population and will gain competencies in the major areas of psychology, psychological research methods, and how this knowledge translates into real-world clinical and research settings. Immaculata’s program will help you investigate human behavior, explore the relationship between the mind and the body, and understand counseling theories.

While becoming fluent in Spanish, you can choose from a wide array of psychology courses, including Brain and Behavior, Child Development, Sport Psychology and Health Psychology. Through courses like these, you’ll learn how to apply psychological concepts to the understanding of human behavior, athletic performance and health. You will receive personalized advice and support from faculty to help you develop a course of study that best suits your career needs.


Join the Psychology Club to garner real-life experience in psychology through community outreach, scientific research, and program leadership. You can also become a member of the Psi Chi Honor Society, which seeks to encourage scholarship and advance the science of psychology.

An important aspect of your development in the field is provided through internships in a variety of contexts. You can also participate in research projects with psychology faculty, exploring topics such as interpersonal relations, family dynamics, and academic achievement among low-income children. You can work with a faculty mentor to gather and analyze data from real-life situations, which will provide
valuable experience, especially if you want to attend graduate school.

If graduate study is your intention, Immaculata offers a variety of graduate certificates and master's and
doctoral programs in psychology.

Where Can I work

With the advantage of learning a second language and your undergraduate psychology degree, you can seek employment in social or human services (case worker, child protection worker, mental health counselor, life skills counselor); business (arbitrator, employee relations assistant, human resources recruiter, community relations officer); research (behavior analyst, statistical assistant, social policy
researcher, grant/report writer); education (academic advisor, camp staff director, career counselor, early education specialist, guidance counselor, or youth director).

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