Spanish (optional K-12 Certification), B.A.
Undergraduate Studies

Job applicants who are proficient in at least two languages will be at a distinct advantage in the
worldwide marketplace. In a competitive job market and an ever-expanding global economy, being
fluent in Spanish opens up a range of interesting careers and makes you more desirable in both the
national and international marketplace, where knowledge of languages and cultures is vital.

If you are considering teacher certification, being proficient in Spanish will alleviate the disconnect
between you and your Spanish-speaking students. The B.A. in Spanish with K-12 education offers a set of
courses in language, culture, and education that enable you to support Hispanic children who speak
English as a second language. Students interested in this area must also complete classroom observation
and student teaching requirements.

The major also offers a variety of minors that will help you in specific professions such as:

  • Spanish for criminal justice—a combination of classes in language, culture, and law
    enforcement, preparing you to represent the growing Hispanic population as they interact
    with the judicial system.
  • Spanish for medical personnel—a minor that familiarizes you with language, culture, and
    medical practices, equipping you to contribute to better health outcomes for Hispanic
  • Spanish for nutrition and dietetics—integrates the study of cultural psychology with the
    history and techniques of Latin American cuisine, and how culinary traditions shape ethnic


Every summer, Immaculata sponsors a study abroad program at Kukulcan Spanish Language School in
Cuernavaca, Mexico. During this three-week intensive immersion experience, you will participate in
excursions to sites related to your area of interest, such as schools, hospitals, or courts, and upon
successful completion, earn six credits that transfer to Immaculata.

You can also join Sigma Delta Pi, the national Spanish honor society or Latin Flavor, a student
organization whose members are interested in exploring and learning more about the Latino culture.

Where Can I Work

As a graduate of this program, you will have many unique job opportunities because of your bilingual
abilities. Careers in fashion, food, health care, manufacturing, government, teaching, banking and
commerce, human resource management, law, international affairs, social services, and hospitality are
just some of the many career possibilities open to the global language graduate.

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