Philosophy Minor

Philosophy involves reflection upon and analysis of all facets of human activities. Our scientific, ethical, religious, artistic, and social frameworks emerge from key philosophical concepts, methodologies and principles. A philosophy minor will help unify your studies in the liberal arts, enable you to develop an intellectual approach to the study of religious belief, and prepare you for further academic and/or professional study in the fields of law, government, political science, theology, medicine, social work, and psychology.

Chelsea Davis ’18

Initially, I chose to study philosophy as a future résumé builder and to help support myself in my field of study. However, after taking a basic PHI 101 course, I began to notice the deeper connections between the past and present that the learning of traditional philosophy afforded me. This awareness gave me the ability to not only study and learn well but to identify fallacies and question the ideals and ideas that are often in and out of vogue.

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