Organizational Behavior, B.S.
Adult Professional Studies

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Immaculata’s Bachelor of Science in Organizational Behavior is an accelerated degree-completion program that will expand your career opportunities and enable you to make a greater contribution to your workplace.

You will explore the behavioral, economic, and legal implications of workforce management and the crucial role an effective workforce plays in any organization. The most critical component in successfully achieving any organization’s goals is consistent, high-quality human performance. In this program, you will be challenged to create an environment in which employees can develop their full potential and, in so doing, fulfill their company’s mission and vision. You will learn to enable and elicit valuable employee contributions to the organization.


To accommodate busy working adults, the program is offered in a fully online format or at various convenient locations in south Philadelphia or at Immaculata’s campus. As a cohort-based program that is regionally accredited by Middle States Association, students receive a personal research advisor and are prepared for master’s-level work. In addition, students with previous work experience can apply for credit for prior learning.

Where Can I Work?

The degree prepares students for a variety of positions that oversee the hiring process, contracts, organizational development, fair employment practices, and conflict resolution in small and large organizations.


Georgina Waller ’20
Advising and Career Services Administrative Assistant, Penn State University

I enrolled at Immaculata because the organizational behavior program was relevant to my long-term goals, it was affordable, and the program could be completed online. The online format was attractive, because I was working two jobs, up to 60 hours a week. I believe that putting on my resume that I was working on my bachelor’s degree helped me land job interviews, and I recently accepted a position. Going back to school is doable, regardless of your circumstances, and it is never too late.

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