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Organizational Behavior, B.S.

Motivate employees and lead high-performing teams to achieve your organization’s goals.

Understand group behavior and empower employees to make valuable contributions for your organization’s success. Courses in business, human resources and psychology help build your workforce management skills, such as:

  • Effective business communication
  • Data-driven managerial decision-making
  • Team leadership and coaching
  • Training and motivation
  • Goal setting and performance appraisal
  • Managing and resolving conflict
  • Leading change initiatives
  • Managing stressors that impact employee productivity

At A Glance

Program: Bachelor of Science
Audience: Undergraduate adult learners
Format: Online, 7-week accelerated classes
Next Start Date: January 16, 2024
Cost: $465 per credit
Time to Completion Two to four years, depending on credits transferred

"I enrolled at Immaculata because the Organizational Behavior program was relevant to my long-term goals, it was affordable, and the program could be completed online. The online format was attractive, because I was working two jobs, up to 60 hours a week. I was also drawn to the friendly, helpful and competent staff. I felt valued right from the beginning. They remembered me and responded very quickly. I believe that putting on my resume that I was working on my bachelor’s degree helped me land job interviews, and I recently accepted a position. Going back to school is doable, regardless of your circumstances, and it is never too late."

Georgina Waller
Academic Advisor at Penn State Brandywine

Career Outlook

IU’s organizational behavior degree prepares you for a variety of administrative and/or management positions that oversee hiring, contracts, organizational development, fair employment practices and conflict resolution in small and large organizations.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, median salaries for careers in this field include:

The program is also excellent preparation for Immaculata’s Master of Science in Strategic Leadership.

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this psychology-based program, students will:

  • Identify and utilize aspects of psychological theory to explain human behavior scientifically and objectively
  • Identify theory and research central to the major domains of the field
  • Exhibit appreciation for psychological dimensions of human diversity
  • Employ ethical knowledge and skills appropriate to level of experience and education
  • Exhibit quantitative literacy and understand the role of statistics in psychological research
  • Design and conduct a basic study to address a psychological question using appropriate research methods

Maximize your previous coursework by transferring up to 72 credits into the program, or earn credit for workplace training through Immaculata’s Credit for Prior Learning program.

Complete a capstone project as your culminating educational experience. Develop a hypothesis, design a research study, analyze results and give a professional presentation.


Major Courses 48 Credits

  • Team Leadership & Coaching 3 credits
  • Managing Human Capital 3 credits
  • Adult Development and Life Assessment 3 credits
  • Psychometrics: Employee Selection 3 credits
  • Performance Assessment 3 credits
  • Professional Development & Training 3 credits
  • Managing Employee Stress 3 credits
  • Conflict Resolution and Negotiation 3 credits
  • Capstone Proposal Design 3 credits
  • Research & Analysis Using Statistics 3 credits
  • Capstone Synthesis & Presentation 3 credits
  • Effective Business Communication in the Digital Age 3 credits
  • Writing for Applied Research 3 credits
  • Organizational Ethics 3 credits
  • Christian Faith in Action 3 credits
  • Cultural Modes of Expression 3 credits

Liberal Arts Core 36 Credits (18 Fulfilled By Major)

  • Composition (Writing) 3 credits satisfied by major; 6 credits total
  • Natural & Physical World (Lab Science) 3 credits
  • Quantitative Reasoning (Mathematics) 3 credits, satisfied by major
  • Human Creativity (Art, Literature, Music) 3 credits
  • Social Consciousness (Sociology, Psychology, Economics) 3 credits, satisfied by major
  • Historical Consciousness (History) 3 credits
  • Global Society (Foreign Language/Culture) 3 credits, satisfied by major
  • Pursuit of Faith (Religion, Theology) 3 credits satisfied by major; 6 credits total
  • Pursuit of Wisdom (Philosophy) 3 credits satisfied by major; 6 credits total

General Electives 60 Credits

Total 126 Credits

You can apply to Immaculata’s adult professional programs in four simple steps. If you have questions, please contact us via admiss@immaculata.edu or by phone at 484-323-3060.

Georgina Anna Waller

Alumni Spotlight

Georgina Waller attended an open house at Immaculata and was drawn to the friendly, helpful staff.

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