Information Systems, B.S.
Undergraduate Studies

Explore the world of Information Systems at Immaculata University

Technology touches every aspect of our lives and IT professionals are leading the charge at corporations, organizations, government agencies and even your local mom-and-pop stores. IT is an ever-evolving field requiring expansive and integrated knowledge.

Being broadly educated in the liberal arts allows you to cultivate the qualities that make you more than a technician—a well-informed, service-oriented professional.

Beyond applying computing concepts and analyzing problems, Immaculata’s information systems program allows you to design, integrate and implement software solutions in addition to gaining necessary technical skills such as database administration, web design, networking, systems integration, information security, and computer architecture.

Consider combining the information systems major with a minor discipline that can utilize IT solutions so that you can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of work in other fields.


At Immaculata, you can participate in academic and professional development activities including seminars led by IT professionals, and faculty-mentored research projects in data analytics and information technology. You can also become a member in professional organizations and student clubs dedicated to technology.

Where Can I Work

The job outlook is excellent for information systems professionals. Because of increased use of the Internet, data processing systems, software programs, and mobile technologies, and because of the need for information security, the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects employment of IT professionals to grow much faster than average in the coming years.

Applied Technology Lab

Rows of computer workstations

Immaculata’s applied technology lab is a secure facility with a separate internet connection that enables you to learn, explore and perform technological operations without affecting the campus network.

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