Data Analytics Minor

Data analytics is a growing field with career opportunities in many industries. Companies collect and store massive amounts of data describing customers, their preferences, and behaviors. Computing professionals build data collection and storage systems, and they provide tools that allow companies to query and analyze the data. Business experts and data scientists collaboratively develop purposeful and meaningful questions, analyze data to answer those questions, explain and visualize results, and use the results to strategize about future endeavors.

Data analysts require a versatile skill set that connects and integrates subject matter knowledge, understanding of data, analytical thought, computing skills, and ethical decision-making. More and more businesses are using data to make strategic decisions, so the data analytics minor will help you stand out in the job market by equipping you with the analytical skills to explain and interpret data.

This 18-credit minor will give you a foundation in data analytics while allowing you to choose elective courses that match your interests and complement your major.

Data Analytics Student Spotlight

As an accounting major who is minoring in both computational sciences and data analytics, John McArthur is positioning himself to be the person who can interpret all this data. With a propensity for math, he is interested in becoming an insurance actuary, which is a position that analyzes financial risk using mathematics, statistics and financial theories. He is focusing on actuaries’ work within the insurance industry where he can help insurance companies determine low-risk versus high-risk clients.

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