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Data Analytics, B.S.

The B.S. in data analytics will enable you to collect, organize, and use data to provide organizations with meaningful, timely information.

People are making smarter decisions by analyzing data. Sports teams utilize information to select and draft players as shown in the book and movie Moneyball. Astronomers utilize computers to search for planets that can’t be directly observed.

We generate mountains of data from every click on our computers or tap on our phones. Marketing professionals use this data to advertise and sell more products. This is “Big Data.” It can provide valuable insights into people’s behavior — if you know how to analyze and interpret it accurately.

You will use algorithms, computer programming skills, and database systems to manage information, analyze it, and use it for strategic decision-making.

At A Glance

Program: Bachelor of Science
Audience: Undergraduate students
Format: Face-to-face classes
Next Start Date: August 26, 2024
Time to Completion Four years

“After a year at another university, I transferred to IU and felt like I was actually learning and growing. My teachers cared about my opinion, and I found myself taking the lead on projects. I worked on a project about using the Python programming language to recognize numbers in images. I trained a neural network using a machine learning library to categorize data. Then I worked with a classmate to test the model, and we found it could correctly recognize numbers the majority of the time, with 77% accuracy. I enjoyed my Web Applications class, where I learned to build my first website. Since then, I’ve built a few sites for nonprofit organizations and companies.”

Shylea Hudson

You will have opportunities to showcase your knowledge with faculty-mentored research projects in data analytics and information technology. You can also become a member in professional organizations and participate in trips to local conferences.

With a required professional internship, you will apply your knowledge and gain experience in a real-world situation. You may choose to complement your major with a minor in a different field, such as biology, business, chemistry, finance, interactive digital media, or graphic arts.

More and more organizations—from retailers to hospitals to media companies—are looking for employees who can understand complex information and apply it to help them reach their organizational goals—from increasing sales to anticipating ER visits to tracking topical trends.

Students working in computer lab

Technology Lab

Immaculata’s applied technology lab is a secure facility with a separate internet connection that enables you to learn, explore and perform technological operations without affecting the campus network.

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