Intake form for New Students

Steps to Establish an Accommodation Plan:

  1. Complete the Online Intake Form. Be sure to fill out the form yourself thoroughly and accurately.
  2. Schedule a meeting with Disability Services.
  3. A member of Disability Services will contact you after receiving your online intake form. Make an appointment to come to Disability Services, which could take up to an hour. Bring a list of questions, and be prepared to talk about your disability and how it affects your learning.
  4. Be prepared to provide documentation of your disability (also referred to as third party documentation). Third party documentation may consist of an IEP/504 plan, recent diagnostic evaluation, or a letter from a qualified professional that explains more about your disability and how your disability impacts you.
  5. Look for an email that you are able to pick up your Accommodation Letter at Disability Services or have them emailed to you as a PDF.
  6. Set up appointments with your professors, during their office hours. Present your professor with your Accommodation Letter and have a conversation about your accommodations to develop a plan for the semester.
  7. Once you have received accommodations for your first semester, you can quickly and easily renew your accommodation plan online for all following semesters.

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