Examples of Accommodations

Students with disabilities may not require the same accommodations throughout their college courses, and accommodations will vary according to how they are functioning at that time. Student needs are assessed on an individual basis and requests for accommodations must have documentation to substantiate the need.

Accommodating students with disabilities does not mean setting different standards for them. It may mean allowing students to demonstrate what they know in a mode that fits their needs; adapting classroom presentations, assignments, activities and administrative procedures to ensure an accessible educational environment; or allowing the use of adaptive equipment such as tape recorders, voice amplifiers, or print enlargers. For students with disabilities, these accommodations are critical to success in school.

There is no one list of reasonable academic accommodations that will serve the needs of all students with disabilities. The following are some basic examples:

  • Extended time on examinations or tests (This does not mean extended preparation time, except in rare instances.)
  • Allow students to take exams in a distraction-reduced setting (such as the Academic Success Testing Area or another area as determined by the student and instructor)
  • Allow a reader or taped version of an exam
  • Seek out a qualified class peer as note-taker (Disability Services secures this position)
  • Allow the use of a SmartPen or other note-taking technology device
  • Allow oral, taped or typed exams
  • Provide alternatives to computer-scored answer sheets
  • Provide an early syllabus for students needing books on tape
  • Arrange for students with a hearing loss to have sound amplified (This may require faculty to wear a voice amplifying microphone.)

Although it is the duty of the University to provide reasonable accommodations, it is the responsibility of the student with the need to request a reasonable accommodation in a realistic time frame. Please email academicsuccess@Immaculata.edu or call 484-323-3900 for more information.

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