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Helping the next generation of Immaculata

What does the phrase “pay it forward” mean? Well, if you received financial support to attend college, helping the next generation of Immaculatans is a great example of paying it forward.

There are so many examples of hardworking dedicated students who just need someone to believe in them. By giving to the Immaculata Fund, you are essentially saying that you believe in our students’ dreams.

Lauren Lindoerfer ’20, a presidential scholarship recipient majoring in education with a minor in Spanish, understands the philosophy of paying it forward.

Of course, giving to Immaculata has a broader impact too. Gifts can support academic departments, athletic activities, student support services, travel opportunities, and it keeps the university looking immaculate.

Consider a gift to Immaculata University and pay it forward for a new generation.


I feel incredibly blessed to have received this scholarship from Immaculata University. It has been a dream of mine to attend Catholic school, and Immaculata has helped make it a reality. I am eager to work hard, grow in my faith, and involve myself on campus in an effort to give back to the community that has been so generous to me.
- Lauren Lindoerfer ’20, Presidential Scholarship Recipient

The Immaculata Fund: Making an Impact

While a gift of any kind in support of the university is beneficial, these are the areas in which your contributions and generosity can make the most difference. The Immaculata Fund invites donors to select an area of special interest.

Immaculata’s Greatest Priorities

Provides flexible, immediate-use of dollars that help the University innovate, explore, and carry out its mission. These resources are used at the discretion of the University to respond to needs, or to pursue unexpected opportunities. Gifts to this area support a wide variety of ongoing University activities. They provide resources for faculty/staff enrichment, emergency financial assistance, and programs that enhance the quality of student life.


Generosity to this area will assist our outstanding faculty and staff in their work to develop leading-edge academic programs and resources for our students at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Immaculata’s programs are rooted in academic rigor, ethical integrity and Christian core values, and encourage a commitment to lifelong learning and professional excellence. Personalized academic attention is a hallmark of Immaculata’s programs.


Support to this area will impact our 200+ varsity athletes and 23 intercollegiate NCAA Division III men’s and women’s varsity teams. The University also sponsors several intramural programs. Athletics is an integral part of the education experience at Immaculata University. The specific aim of Immaculata athletics is to provide a quality competitive experience in an atmosphere of commitment, success and teamwork.


Almost 20% of the University’s operating budget is allocated to student grants and scholarships. Scholarship support assures that future Immaculata students will enjoy the same educational opportunities as did past generations.

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