Mary Tabit, Psy.D.

Mary Tabit
Mary Tabit

Title: Assistant Professor, Director of Clinical Training

Office: 14 Nazareth Hall

Phone: 484-323-3464 Ext:

Psy.D. in Clinical and School Psychology, James Madison University
M.S. in Counseling and Clinical Health Psychology, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (Addiction and Offenders Track)
B.S. Psychology, Saint Joseph’s University


Dr. Tabit earned her doctorate in Clinical and School Psychology from James Madison University, and she is a licensed psychologist in Pennsylvania. Dr. Tabit completed her pre-doctoral internship at Princeton House Behavioral Health, working as part of an interdisciplinary team to provide individual, group, and family therapy with individuals across the lifespan. Dr. Tabit completed her postdoctoral residency in the Assessment & Evaluation Center at Warren E. Smith Health System, a community mental health center in Philadelphia, PA, where she was primarily responsible for conducting comprehensive biopsychosocial evaluations with children, adolescents, and adults.

Prior to joining the faculty at Immaculata, Dr. Tabit worked in diverse clinical and research settings. Most recently, she worked in a nonprofit public health institute doing research and evaluation work aimed at improving outcomes among individuals with substance use disorders. Dr. Tabit also worked as a clinical research specialist in Dr. Aaron T. Beck’s Psychopathology Research Unit at the University of Pennsylvania. As a clinician, Dr. Tabit is trained as a generalist and has worked with individuals across the lifespan in diverse treatment settings. She identifies as a cognitive behavioral therapist and holds a special interest in motivational interviewing and mindfulness.


PSYC 689 Counseling Skills and Techniques
PSYC 702 Professional Issues and Ethics
PSYC 708 Advanced Psychopathology
PSYC 710 Cognitive and Behavioral Theories and Therapies

Research Interests:

Evidence-based interventions for the prevention and treatment of substance use disorders


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