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This is Immaculata. A place where all are truly welcome. A campus that reflects the beauty and charism of its founders. A place where you will be encouraged to discover your fullest self.

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Dedicated to career-focused health care education.

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Undergraduate programs including accelerated, online, and career-oriented programs for adults


Explore your options and choose the program that will define your future.


Graduate options including master’s and doctoral degrees, certificates and endorsements


Immaculata provides rigorous and career-focused programs designed to meet the needs of graduate students.

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Nurses educated by Immaculata in over 35 years


Educating nurses for more than 30 years, IU offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs.


NCAA, Division III varsity sports and co-ed Esports (NACE)


Our student-athletes earn recognition for their academic achievements in addition to excelling in sports.

Student Spotlight

Music therapy student Breanna Kratz

Bree Kratz

“Music is one of my main sources of comfort,” Bree reflected. “It grounds me and helps me grow and connect to other people.”

Vinnie Damiri

Vinnie Damiri ’23

Having transitioned from high school to college, Vinnie Damiri ’23 is determined to succeed, and that includes being involved on campus.

Alexandra Lexie Bethman '23

Alexandra Bethman ’23

Acknowledging hard work and sacrifices made so she could attend college, Lexie Bethman '23 is determined to help others in similar family situations.

Sara Bagner

Sara Bagner

For a while, Sara Bagner thought 'There's no way, not me.' But persistence, hard work and commitment have made her proud of where she is.

David Crowell

David Crowell

Drawn to IU because of small class sizes, David Crowell '23 is dedicated to his education and making the best of his college experience.

Olive Monye

Olive Monye

After finishing her degree, Olive wants to become a certified public accountant and use the skills she learned to investigate fraud and embezzlement.

Ian Weigand

Ian Weigand

Though the coursework is challenging, Ian Weigand '21 is motivated and appreciates the small classes in the accelerated, second-degree nursing program.

Rachel Sweeney

Rachel Sweeney

Rachel Sweeney ’20, a dual major in criminology and sociology, has a bright future ahead helping others to realize a future for themselves.

Sam Alex

Sam Alex

The camaraderie Sam Alex has built with his classmates extends outside of class, and is one of the highlights of the program.

Luke Biely

Luke Biely: A Bright Star

Although he lives only 10 minutes away, he wanted to live at Immaculata so he could develop more independence and enjoy the total college experience.

Maggy Saldana Diaz

Maggy Saldana Diaz ’22

Saving money to attend college makes her fully appreciate her opportunity to attend IU, and she's committed to excelling in the rigorous nursing program.

Tim Moore

Undergraduate Profile: Tim Moore

Tim Moore changed a lot in his four years at IU as a criminology major and basketball player. “Look at him now!” says head men’s basketball coach Jayson Hyman.

Marianne Hooper-Capuzzi

Marianne Hooper-Capuzzi, MSN

Marianne Hooper-Capuzzi's MSN degree has helped her to develop new skills, become more open-minded, and ultimately improve patient/student outcomes.

Annemarie Bednar

Annemarie Bednar

Sometimes you want to start your own tradition, which is what Annemarie Bednar decided to do when she enrolled at Immaculata University.

Featured News

Student, Teacher, Director: Dr. Kelly Gebhardt is Active on Campus

Students sat in a circle in Memorial Hall, each holding a script with their lines highlighted and a pen in hand. Excitement buzzed around the room. The first rehearsal for the fall play was about to begin. Dr. Kelly Gebhardt pulled up her chair to join the circle of...