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About the OWL

Who can use the Online Writing Lab (OWL)?

ACCEL, nursing, online, and off-site students can use the IU Online Writing Lab (OWL). We offer Go to Meeting and Email sessions.

IU OWL Hours:

  • 10am - 8pm Monday - Wednesday 
  • 10am-2pm Thursday

For email sessions, allow:

  • 24-hour return 5 pages or less
  • 48-hour return 6 -11 pages
  • 72-hour return 12-21 pages
  • Call the Writing Center if you have 21 + pages

Email Sessions:

You send your paper for review via email. Your paper is returned with suggestions for revision. Please click on the “Email Session Overview” to read about how to sign-up for an Email writing session.

Email Session Overview

Email Session Sign-Up Form


Go to Meeting Sessions:

A Go to Meeting Session (GTM) is a live writing session with a Writing Assistant. In addition to sending your paper to the IU OWL, you must schedule an appointment by calling the Writing Center 610-647-4400  x3494.

Click here to view our GTM tutorial! After the first time, it's like eating a cup of chocolate mousse, or an apple pie with vanilla bean ice cream, or a creme brulee in a Paris cafe.

Click on the “Go to Meeting Overview” to read about how to sign-up for a Go to Meeting writing session.

Go to Meeting Overview

Go To Meeting Session Sign-Up Form