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Colleague Program

The Writing Colleague Program is a service that pairs professors with Writing Center Assistants in composition and writing-intensive courses. The Writing Assistant (WA) is an in-class, hands-on helper who can provide students and professors with additional writing support.

It may be difficult for professors to find time to squeeze in a quick grammar lesson, or address each individual writing issue that arises, but the WA is there to help! He or she can present brief, engaging tutorials, highlight helpful strategies, provide examples and practice exercises, or even discuss elements of writing in the everyday world.

Some topics on which the WA can present:

  • Thesis Statements
  • Organizing a Paper
  • Incorporating Sources
  • Synthesizing Quotes, Paraphrases, and Summaries
  • Formatting MLA
  • Formatting APA
  • Paragraph Unity and Coherence
  • Exploring Rhetoric
  • Proofreading and Editing Strategies
  • Revising for Organization

The WA will maintain regular contact with the course instructor to align these activities with the course syllabus, and to discuss new ideas.  The purpose of the WA is to engage and assist students through the writing process by becoming part of the class, and helping class members to understand course expectations and assignment criteria.

If you are interested in requesting a Writing Assistant, please contact eomahony@immaculata.edu.

If you are interested in becoming a Writing Assistant, please visit Writing Assistants.

Please contact Erica O’Mahony, Writing Colleague Coordinator, at eomahony@immaculata.edu with any questions or concerns.

Intensive English Program


Fall 2016 Hours

August 29 - December 16

Monday - Thursday
9 a.m. - 7 p.m.

9 a.m. - 2 p.m.


The Writing Center operates on a semester-based schedule.
When classes are not in session, the Center is closed.