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Intensive Writing Program for International Students

Welcome, Colegio Villa Maria (Peru and Chile) and Colegio San Antonio students!

We at Immaculata University would like to offer you the opportunity to spend 14 days in an intensive writing program. You will live in the Spirituality Center, which is located across the street from Immaculata University. During the day, Monday through Friday, you will travel to Immaculata University's campus to focus on English reading, writing, and speaking. On the weekends and some evenings, you will travel off campus to engage in cultural experiences and faith formation activities.


Sponsored by the Writing Center of Immaculata University, this 14-day intensive academic writing program is available to students who attend IHM schools, Colegio Villa Maria and Colegio San Antonio, in Peru as well as Colegio Villa Maria in Chile. The program, to be held January 23 to February 6, 2018, is designed specifically for Villa Maria (Peru and Chile) and San Antonio students who desire to acquire university-level English reading, writing, and speaking skills in a rigorous, yet fun, academic setting.

The program focuses on three areas of concentration: academic skills, cultural experiences, and faith formation.

Cultural Experiences • Faith Formation



How to Apply

To apply to the program, please complete the application form in English or Spanish. You will also need to send your application letter to eip@immaculata.edu.

Fall 2017


September 5 - December 15


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