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The Gunard Barry Carlson Memorial Foundation and Immaculata University are co-sponsoring a creative writing contest to acknowledge excellence in creative writing and to encourage Immaculata students to develop imaginative writing skills.

A prize will be given to each of five outstanding entries:

  • First Place: $1,000 ($500 in cash and $500 in tuition).
  • Second Place: $800 ($400 in cash and $400 in tuition).
  • Third, Fourth, and Fifth Place: $600 ($300 in cash and $300 in tuition).

Tuition credits will be applied to the following year's tuition.

Classification of Manuscripts

Typed manuscripts will be accepted in the following categories: short story, poetry, essay, and term paper. Short stories, essays, or term papers submitted for judgment should be from 500 to 3,000 words. Writers submitting poetry must enter a minimum of four original poems. Outstanding term papers must have the signed recommendation of the instructor.

Writers may submit two manuscripts in each of two categories (a total of four manuscripts). Representatives from the contest reserve the right to publish any entry in Pilgrimages, the Immaculata University literary magazine. Previously published manuscripts are not eligible. Representatives from the contest will seek no other publication rights.

Mechanical Requirements

All manuscripts must be typed and double-spaced on 8 1/2 x 11" white unlined paper. The entrant's name should appear only on a first separable page. The second page must repeat the title, if any, of the entry, but should not repeat the name of the writer. Please do not staple submissions. Manuscripts that neglect to follow these guidelines will not be forwarded to the judges.


The contest is open to currently enrolled full-time undergraduate Immaculata students. Students who will not return the following year qualify for the cash award, but they are ineligible for the tuition grant. Manuscripts that have received recognition in another contest or have been published previously are not eligible.


Manuscripts must be submitted by noon on Wednesday, March 1, 2017. To establish and maintain anonymity, the manuscript must be submitted to Dr. Rita Colanzi, English/Communication Department, Office #40B, Faculty Center. Dr. Colanzi will not be one of the judges. She will remove the first page of the manuscript and submit the entries in coded form to the judges.

So that the editorial team can consider your work for Pilgrimages, please also send an electronic copy of your contest submission to the following address:


Many of the judges are graduates of Immaculata and past editors of Pilgrimages.


Winners will be announced in April and will be recognized publicly at the Fall Honors Convocation.

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