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Jiangyue (Luna) Zhang

Jiangyue Luna Zhang

Jiangyue (Luna) Zhang, Ph.D., associate professor of chemistry, has a lengthy and impressive list of scholarly credentials. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the classroom, but her expertise does not end with the hard sciences. She also

Harris Tahir, Ed.D.

Harris Tahir

Printer Friendly Harris Tahir, associate professor of marketing and finance, is a firm believer in following the right path. As a former project manager for The Vanguard Group, Tahir led high-profile, multi-million dollar projects for business technology initiatives, achieving the

Margaret “Marge” Lacey, Ph.D.

Margaret Lacey

Printer Friendly Margaret “Marge” Lacey, Ph.D., professor of nursing, is a woman who loves what she’s doing. With 25 years of academic nursing experience, Lacey said her favorite part of the job is “the students. I love the students, all

Barbara Gallagher, M.Ed.

130321 Immaculata U. - Wizard Quote Portraits #2

Printer Friendly When Assistant Professor Barbara Gallagher, M.Ed., explains how she became an exercise science professional, it is an amusing, if telling, story about cultural expectations. “I originally wanted to be a meteorologist,” she confessed, but in 1970, such ambitions

Sister Peggy McDonald, IHM, S.T.L., S.T.D.

130312 Immaculata University - Wizard Quote Portraits

Printer Friendly One of the most engaging ways Sister Peggy McDonald, IHM, S.T.L., S.T.D., has found to teach theology is through the use of biography—a lively and accessible approach to a subject some might view as daunting or dull. But

Maria Cuddy-Casey, Ph.D.

Maria Cuddey-Casey

Printer Friendly Maria Cuddy-Casey, Ph.D., associate professor and chair of the Undergraduate Psychology Department, speaks two languages—the language of science and that of the spirit. As a psychologist, she observes behavior, conducts research, collects data, measures results and interprets findings;

William E. Watson, Ph.D.

Printer Friendly William E. Watson, Ph.D., chair of IU’s History, Political Science, and International Relations Department, quotes the Roman historian Tacitus to describe his philosophy for teaching history: “This I regard as history’s highest function, to let no worthy action

Colonel John C. Church, Jr.


Printer Friendly In his 2010 “This I Believe” essay, Colonel John C. Church, Jr., writes that “understanding is a learned gift.” With straightforward eloquence, he bears witness to suffering, solidarity and sacrifice, faithfully recording the indelible marks they leave. Describing