Course Offerings

Please fill out the registration form with your course selections and mail in your payment. Choose one workshop for the morning (11 a.m. to noon) and one for the afternoon 1:15 to 2:15 p.m.). Please note that Father Richard's Q&A session (#3) is available only in the morning.


1)  The Spirituality of Recovery: Managing the Journey Where the Blacktop Ends

Sister Elizabeth Monica Acri, IHM

Addiction has become epidemic in American society today, and it is rare to find a family that has not been touched by this crippling disease.  This talk focuses on addiction and the impact of spirituality on the recovery process.


2)  Relational Spirituality

Rev. William E. Dean

Love of neighbor does not compete with love of God.  Love of neighbor completes the love of God.  It is our relationship with each other that enables us to have a relationship with God.


3)  Q&A with Father Richard Fragomeni

(Offered during the A.M. session only)

Father Richard will provide an opportunity for questions and answers with further discussion at this time.


4)  God Walks among the Pots and Pans

Michelle Francl-Donnay

God walks with us everywhere, Teresa of Avila reminds us, even when we can’t leave home.  In his Spiritual Exercises, St. Ignatius of Loyola shows us a way to enter into the Gospels with a prayerful imagination.  Learn how to go walking with Jesus, from Galilee to Jerusalem, in the Acme, and among the pots and pans.


5)  Evolutionary Spirituality: Moving the Universe and our Souls Forward

Sister Julia Keegan, OSF

Evolutionary spirituality is an invitation introduced by Teilhard de Chardin, SJ, in the '50s and '60s and reignited today by writers such as Thomas Berry, Ilia Delio, Judy Cannato, Brian Swimme, Mary Evelyn Tucker, Andrew Cohen, and Carter Phipps.  Teilhard described this spirituality as an evolution upward toward Christ, toward an increasing love of God and neighbor.  It is a movement toward a self-reflective universe where humans, co-creating with God, unite to move the universe to a higher level of knowing.  It is Christogenesis.  This presentation is an invitation to create a field of compassion as we open our hearts to a God who, day by day, calls us into the future.


6)  Finding Peace in the Storm

David E. Martinson, Ph.D.

In a life full of struggles and challenges, how does a person find a lasting peace?  Dr. Martinson proposes some key spiritual elements found in the psalms of David that can lead to discovering this peace, available to all.


7)  Visio Divina: Seeing the Word

Sister Patricia Mengel, IHM

Rooting the presentation in the ancient prayer practice of Lectio Divina, the session will explore a variety of resources and exercises which may accompany and stretch one’s encounters with grace.  Participants will leave with hands-on materials which can be used individually or shared with small groups for prayer/reflection.


8) Growing Spiritually for Life: What is Our Heart’s Desire? Can there be Spirituality without Religion? How Do the Trinity and Baptism Answer These Questions?

Ernie Sherretta, D.Min.

First we will consider what or who influences our spiritual life the most.  Then we will consider our heart’s desire and how we can fulfill that desire and how the relational life of God in the Trinity and in our humanity, as well as our Catholicism, contributes to that fulfillment.

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