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In December 2007, Annie Leonard posted her short film “The Story of Stuff” online, and it quickly became an internet “must-see.” Now she has a website full of resources, as well as a book published in 2010. The film and book – and this class – examine the steps that stuff takes: from extraction, through production, distribution, and consumption, to disposal.

The class will examine the myriad influences that inform our decisions to buy more stuff. What does all this stuff mean? Does it enrich our lives? From iPhone 0 to iPhone 6 and counting, from X-Box and PlayStation to who knows? What does our stuff say about us—as individuals and as a culture? In 100 years, what would anthropologists conclude about our culture based on the remains of our stuff? We will explore the impact of our stuff, our consumerism drive, and our “need” for more stuff.

This SILC is for first-year students with an interest in exploring the topic of consumerism.

Students from the 2015 SILC on a QVC production set during a co-curricular trip to the studio park.

Learning Outcomes

By participating in the Consumerism Culture SILC, you will:

  • Identify relevant aspects of consumer culture.
  • Identify factors which contribute to consumerism culture, such as marketing, economics, philosophy, art, and psychology.
  • Analyze the impact of consumerism culture in America and globally.
  • Synthesize multiple views of consumerism culture.
  • Demonstrate an interdisciplinary approach to consumerism culture.


Marketing Principles & Practice

  • MKT 309, 3 credits
  • Taught by Jacqueline Bull, Professor of Business

Composition I (a requirement for all students)

  • ENG 106, 3 credits
  • Taught by Melanie Kisthardt, Associate Professor of English

Review this major/minor grid for the courses associated with the Consumerism Culture SILC to find out which courses will count as requirements for you. If you have questions about whether this SILC is a good fit for you, talk with your department chair/advisor.

Possible Extracurricular Activities Include:

  • A mural arts tour in Philadelphia
  • A film forum on campus


Jacqueline Bull, Professor of Business

  • Ph.D.  in General Business from Capella University
  • M.A. in Business from Central Michigan University
  • B.A. in History-Education from Bloomfield College
  • Full faculty member within the Business and Accounting Department of Immaculata University since January 1998
  • Department faculty advisor for students seeking a B.S. degree in Human Resource Management or a minor in Business Administration, Entrepreneurship, or Human Resource Management
  • Faculty advisor for students working with Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE, now called Enactus) projects for seven years. The team became Regional League Champions for two consecutive years and was invited to present at the SIFE national competition in Minnesota.

Melanie Kisthardt, Associate Professor of English

  • Ph.D. in American Literature from Temple University
  • Has taught at IU full-time since 2006
  • Writing Program Coordinator
  • Mentors student research through the Office of Sponsored Research
  • Led a spring break trip to Dublin in 2014

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