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NEW Special Interest Learning Community Options for Fall 2016

Special Interest Learning Communities are being offered this upcoming Fall of 2016. We will have three SILCs this year - two for first year students and one for upper class honors students. Click below to learn about each exciting opportunity!

The SILC Communities for Fall 2016 are:

SILC Assessment Results

The results are in! Here is what students said about SILCs in 2015:



What is a Special Interest Learning Community?

A group of approximately 15 students who will connect with peers who share an interest in a specific topic.

Two Linked Courses:

Students will be registered for two linked courses that they take as a group. Through each course, students will explore the topic of their SILC in depth with faculty who share their interest.

One Community Space:

Each SILC will have a community space set aside just for you and the other members of your SILC. The space will allow you to study, gather for SILC events or meetings, and hang out as a group. You will also have access to resources related to your SILC.

Extracurricular Opportunities:

As a SILC student, you will get to participate in activities related to your topic. You and your classmates will work collaboratively with faculty to pick activities you want to do as a community.


Check out our full infographic here.



Five Reasons to Participate in a Special Interest Learning Community

Benefits of participating in a special interest learning community

1. Be a part of a community:

Participating in a SILC will help you to be a part of a community of peers, faculty, and administrators.

2. Participate in fun community activities and events:

As a community, you will engage in extracurricular activities related to the theme of your SILC. For example, you might go to a local farmers market or watch and discuss a film.

3. Pursue professional goals through the exploration of your interests:

By exploring a specific interest in depth, you may discover new professional goals that connect to your interests. Faculty and administrators will help you through this process and connect you with resources.

4. Take classes related to special interest areas:

The class material of the two linked courses in each SILC relates to the topic, allowing you to study an interest through two interdisciplinary courses.

5. Work closely with faculty members:

Through each SILC, you will engage with faculty both inside and outside of the classroom as you explore shared interests.


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