Prevention Resources

In our commitment to serve the IU community, we must use caring teamwork to provide an environment that fosters faith and learning for all students, faculty and staff.  It is through our integrity that we provide a living, learning and working environment of civility.

Below are some resources on cyber bullying and other forms of bullying; how to identify, handle, and prevent bullying; where to go for help; statistics and more.

macsee2Preventive measures:

  • Awareness and education programs for both children and adults
  • A direct line of response. Clear channels of communication need to be established, indicating to whom to report and what procedure to follow for intervention.
  • Discuss computer safety and privacy with children
  • Monitor online usage, text messages, etc.
  • Empower bystanders by providing an anonymous reporting system and educating them about strategies for speaking up
  • Create a “no tolerance” culture
  • Teach conflict management
  • Teach acceptance of individual differences
  • Explore anti-bullying resources, such as books and programs

Immaculata University Resources

Local and National Resources

Crime Victims Center of Chester County 24-Hour Hotlines

  • Sexual Assault: 610-692-7273
  • Other Crimes: 610-692-7420


This information was provided by Maria Cuddy-Casey, Ph.D., an associate professor and chair of the Psychology Department at Immaculata University, as well as a clinical psychologist specializing in children and adolescents.