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Immaculata University Research Ethics Review Board

Request for Protocol Review - Forms Package (R1297)


The Research Review Process 

Federal regulations require that a human rights committee approve funded research involving human subjects. The regulations further stipulate that if a college or university receives any federal research funding, all human subject research that is conducted at the college or university must also comply with the federal research regulations.
The Immaculata University Research Ethics Review Board (RERB) is the committee that is charged with the responsibility of ensuring that the rights of human subjects are protected in all research associated with Immaculata University. It should be clear that the RERB is not a peer review committee that serves to critique or limit research. The RERB serves only to ensure that the rights of subjects and potential subjects are protected. It is the primary intent of the RERB to ensure that the potential subject is provided with sufficient information to enable him/her to make a free and informed decision about his/her participation in the research project.
The RERB publishes and periodically updates a set of guidelines concerning the conduct of research relative to human subjects. The guidelines also contain detailed instruction about completing the Request for Protocol Review Forms. Any researcher, whether student, faculty, or administrator, contemplating a project involving human subjects is required to read, understand, and abide by these guidelines. The guidelines and instructions are available from Barnes and Noble (campus book store) at Immaculata University, Immaculata, PA 19345, phone (610)-647-4400, extension 3090. They are also available online from the University intranet and in the computer lab at Immaculata. If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Thomas F. O’Brien, chair of the RERB, at extension 3221 or through e-mail at
You are asked to provide information about your proposed research project on the forms in this package. The RERB will use this information in its review process.
Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.
Note: Do not submit this page.  This page is for your information only and is not part of your Request for Protocol Review. 


RERB Application Cover Sheet, Reviewer's Comments, and Questionnaire

Sample Letters and Consent Forms  (All letters must be on Immaculata University stationery)

  1. Sample Consent Form
  2. Information Letter and Consent Form Criteria Instructions
  3. Sample Information Letter and Consent Form
  4. Participant Consent Form - ADHD and Case Diagnosis
  5. Generic Consent Form
  6. Information Letter and Consent Form for Parents or Guardians Permission for Research with Children
  7. Consent/Assent Form for Children
  8. Information and Consent Letter for Community Agencies
  9. Information Letter for Survey Research I
  10. Information Letter for Survey Research II
  11. Information Letter and Consent Letter for Invitation to be Interviewed
  12. Information Letter and Consent Form for Two Stage Projects
  13. Multiple Consent Form for Interview, Tape Recording and Anonymous Quotation
  14. Consent Form for Videotaping
  15. Information Letter for Web Research
  16. Information Letter for Web Questionaire
  17. Mail Out Information Letter
  18. Sample Telephone Script
  19. Sample Telephone Script for Psychology Research Project
  20. Faculty Information Letters and Consent Forms for Class/Cousse Projects I
  21. Faculty Information Letter and Consent Form for Class Projects II
  22. Information Consent Letter for Interview III - Course Project
  23. Sample Flyer for Inviting Research Participants I
  24. Sample Flyer for Inviting Research Participants II
  25. Sample Confidentiality Agreement for Research Assistants or Staff Associated with the Study

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