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Contact Information: Thomas F. O'Brien, Ph.D., Ed.D. Chair, Research Ethics Review Board

Immaculata University is committed to the ethical principles as outlined in its mission statement and in the federal guidelines and procedures that safeguard the rights of human subjects who participate in research conducted under its aegis.


The primary purpose of the Research Ethics Review Board (RERB) is to protect the rights of human subjects who voluntarily participate in research. The goal of the RERB is to implement Immaculata University’s "Guidelines, Policies, and Procedures" as approved by the administration and to be in compliance with the guidelines, policies, and regulations of the Office for Human Research Protections (OHRP).
The RERB seeks to guide the researcher in the ethical treatment and protection of human subjects by carefully reviewing all protocol submissions and through the use of informed consent documentation.
Immaculata University’s RERB is responsible to review all research protocols involving human subjects conducted by faculty, students, and staff or researchers from outside agencies who request the use of Immaculata populations.

Research Protocol Review by RERB

Title 45 CFR Part 46 provides the principles for the RERB to follow in reviewing human subject research.
The Research Ethics Review Board (RERB) has the authority to approve, require modification of a protocol submission to secure approved status, or disapprove any or all activities related to the proposed research study.
The RERB notifies researchers in writing of the decision to approve or disapprove a proposed research activity, or conditionally approve a protocol with modifications required to secure final RERB approval of the research activity.  If the RERB disapproves a research proposal, the researcher is notified in writing with the reasons for its decision, and the RERB provides the researcher with an opportunity to respond in writing or in person.


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