Psy.D. Clincial Psychology Program Philosophy

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The philosophy of the Psy.D. program at Immaculata University is practitioner-scholar. The Psy.D. program educates and trains students to be competent practitioners of clinical psychology by providing a strong foundation in core areas relevant to practice, including theory, psychopathology-diagnosis, intervention, assessment, multiculturalism and human diversity, professional ethics, scientific foundations, and research.

The Psy.D. Program in Clinical Psychology at Immaculata University provides students with a unique interpersonal experience in the context of doctoral education and training that issues from the genuineness, interpersonal presence, and dedication to service by which the spiritual mission of the institution is defined.

Students who earn the Psy.D. degree from Immaculata University leave not only with a solid foundation of clinical skills that are applicable to a wide range of settings, but are socialized professionally in an ethical and spiritual base that is communicated through the nurturing qualities of college administrators and program faculty. The educational process in the Immaculata University Psy.D. program, steeped richly and broadly in the traditions of theory, assessment, diagnosis, and intervention, is presented to students in an empathic, human, supportive, and restorative manner. Dedicated full-time and adjunct faculty are committed fully to the teaching, training and socialization of professional psychologists into careers of service, scholarship, and leadership.

It is this unique blend of academic rigor with respectfulness for the student as a whole person that characterizes the entirety of the institutional learning environment and facilitates the student's emergent sense of competency as a professional psychologist.

Faculty, uniquely attentive to the educational needs of their students, are involved selflessly in all facets of the education and training program. Faculty members are outstanding professional role models, committed to each other as people and professionals, who work as a unified team to bring their training, skill and character into the heart and soul of the classroom. They are attuned finely to their responsibilities as educators and trainers, and they make this work an important part of their life. This is the quality of interpersonal atmosphere of teaching and learning that absorbs Immaculata's Psy.D. students and captures the depth and maturity of the program's character.

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