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Immaculata Advantage FAQs

Immaculata Advantage: tuition reduction and SAT/ACT optional frequently asked questions


How does this affect me?

For many students, the lower cost of attendance will help close the financial gap and allow them to pursue a quality IU education. Low-need students, who typically pay a higher percentage of costs out-of-pocket, will have less tuition to cover. For high-need students, federal and state aid will cover a larger percentage of the now significantly lower sticker price.

We also know that at IU students have reported cost as one of the biggest challenges to degree completion, so reduced tuition may further improve our already higher than average retention rate of 84% (freshmen to sophomores).

We're resetting our tuition back to 2009!

Tuition savings over four years


Will the cost be the same for all four years of college?

Immaculata may make modest increases to the cost of tuition during your four years at the University in order to cover the costs of providing a quality education. However, any future increases will be added to a lower base rate, saving you thousands of dollars over the course of four years.


Will you still offer scholarships and financial aid? 

Yes! We offer several scholarships to recognize a variety of students for their academic achievement, diverse backgrounds, community service, and extracurricular activities. We also facilitate need-based aid to help qualifying students finance their education.


Will the cost for room and board change?

Immaculata University reduced room and board costs by 10% last year (2016-2017 academic year) in an effort to kick-start the savings plan for our students. The reduced tuition may also allow some students the financial flexibility to consider on-campus housing. 


Do I still need to complete my FAFSA?

Continue to complete and file your FAFSA per the published deadlines and requirements. This is a critical component to making sure we secure the best financial package according to your needs.


What factors are evaluated if I do not submit my SAT/ACT scores?

Immaculata University practices a holistic approach to admissions by looking at all facets of the application process including your essay, high school classes, letters of recommendation, as well as GPA. 

What programs still require SAT/ACT scores?

You must submit test scores for consideration of our Presidential Scholarship and/or Honors Program, and the following programs:


Accessibility and affordabilityWill the quality of education be affected?

You will experience the high level of academic excellence that Immaculata University has provided to thousands of students since its founding. Faculty and staff are dedicated to each student’s success as our graduates can attest. Immaculata’s four-year graduation rate is nearly 60%, while the national average is 39%.


What effect will this have on the value of my degree?

An IU degree has proven to be and will continue to provide a superior return on your investment. Ten years after enrolling at IU, our alumni report a median salary of $47,600, well above the national median of $33,400. Now, with the lower tuition, you will borrow less and save more, allowing you to see your direct ROI sooner. 


How does this affect tuition for the College of LifeLong Learning and College of Graduate Studies?

The College of LifeLong Learning and College of Graduate Studies will maintain their individual tuition structure because they both use models that already accurately reflect the cost of attendance with very few discounting opportunities.


How do I apply?

You can apply through IU’s online application or through the Common Application. You will still see on both forms the option to include your SAT/ACT scores.  Following your application, you will receive instructions on the next steps, should you choose not to submit your scores.

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