Student Success Seminar: Taking the Fear out of Online Learning

“Taking an online class would be so convenient, but I am a classroom learner.”

Research on adult online learners indicates that fear is the number one contributing factor to why students shy away from the convenience of online learning. In Fear Factors: Hidden Challenges to Online Learning for Adults, Patricia Sendall identifies three types of concerns adult learners may have:

  • fear of loss of control
  • fear of technology
  • fear of the unknown

Immaculata’s College of LifeLong Learning has put programs and services in place to help reduce your apprehension about taking online courses, or about enrolling in one of IU’s fully online degree-completion programs.

The CLL Student Success Seminar uses a series of activities, workshops, and coaching to prepare you for online learning. The seminar is offered fully online or in a hybrid of online and on-campus meetings. This non-credit, no-cost seminar gives you:

  • an easy way to experience what an online class would be like without spending any tuition dollars. No need to feel anxious about losing control.
  • activities that help you navigate through IU’s learning management system, Moodle. You will learn how to submit an assignment, participate in a discussion, and take a quiz. The technology won’t make you feel apprehensive.
  • a simulation of IU’s online classes, using design and layout similar to real courses in IU’s online programs. This exposure keeps you from worrying about the unknown.

Kimberly Sharp is an online Business Management major who felt the success seminar put her at ease and instilled confidence that she could succeed in an online learning environment.

“I was hesitant to register for an online class,” she said, “however, after my advisor told me to take the tutorial...I feel better now. I can do this!”

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