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Pathways Plans

Pathways Plans

Finishing a college degree and being prepared for the work world requires more than just completing courses in today's world. Creating a plan, starting in your freshmen year, will help you reach your academic and personal goals. You'll need to carefully balance coursework, leadership activities, internship opportunities, and job shadowing experiences to achieve your career goals.

The Pathways to Success Offices create individualized Pathways Plans for each student.  You will receive your Pathways Plan through the First Year Experience course if you are a freshman, or by meeting with a member of the Office of Academic Advisement if you are a transfer student.

A Pathways Plan includes the following helpful information and resources:

  • Course sequence sheet
  • Major Map
  • Honors Program information
  • Athletics and academics
  • Career development information (specific to each major)
  • Student leadership and activities information

A Major Map has been developed for each major offered at IU and includes a description of the major and career options, enrichment activities, student characteristics, professional associations, milestones for the major (which can include clinical coursework, declaration of a minor, a required internship, particular courses, student observations/teaching, seminar courses, certification or licensure exams) and momentum stoppers (areas in the curriculum where students typically require extra assistance or planning to be successful).

The goal of the Major Map is to provide information as early as possible in your academic career so you can be proactive and plan your academic progress. You can access your Major Map via the MyIU portal or by contacting a member of the Academic Advisement Office.

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