Program Overview

Immaculata’s Bachelor of Science in Interactive Digital Media integrates art, business, communication, and technology to help you understand interactive digital design and develop multimedia pieces. The program will help you establish strong visual thinking and conceptual skills, laying a foundation for you to develop code, experiment with new hardware and software, and consider the social and ethical implications of emerging technologies.

You’ll expand your creative abilities as you combine text, graphics, video, sound, and digital animation into engaging media. You can also complement your major with a minor in an associated field, including graphic arts, business, marketing, fashion merchandising, or communication.

Program Highlights

You will be required to complete a three-credit internship, and faculty members will work with you to find a placement that matches your career goals. You will also participate in a capstone research project under the mentorship of a faculty member.

We encourage you to participate in department events and colloquia that explore topics related to information systems and data science. To enhance your education, you can work closely with faculty on department research opportunities or enroll in summer research programs at other universities.  

Career Potential

The digital age has led to a growing demand for web developers, multimedia artists, digital media specialists, and IT professionals in a variety of fields. Whether you want to enter the interactive entertainment industry, the media and design world, or the corporate sectors of marketing and digital strategy, Immaculata’s interdisciplinary program will give you the broad preparation and the practical experience you need.

Depending on your interests, you may choose to pursue a variety of careers:

  • Audio and video equipment technician
  • Computer programmer
  • Digital media specialist
  • Digital strategist
  • Film editor or camera operator
  • Interactive designer
  • Multimedia animator
  • Multimedia artist
  • User experience designer
  • Web developer or designer

If you choose to continue your studies, this major will also prepare you for pursuing a graduate degree in interactive media, design, or entertainment.

Learning Outcomes

This program will enable you to:

  • Use software applications to create, edit, produce, and distribute interactive digital media.
  • Build digital applications using various forms of code language processing.
  • Design and produce interactive digital prototypes incorporating a variety of media, based on HCI (human-computer interaction) principles.
  • Apply narrative principles to the writing, design and development of engaging interactive spaces, such as web and social media sites, mobile applications, and 3-D animation.

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