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Immaculata University's Psychology Internship Consortium places a strong emphasis on diversity by creating an atmosphere and supportive environment which includes respecting, listening to and valuing multiple perspectives. We recognize the importance of training interns to become culturally competent psychologists, as this is critical in reducing health care disparities and providing quality care to clients with diverse values, beliefs and behaviors.

We believe exposure to cultural information, diverse cases and discussion creates cognitive growth and builds strong scaffolding for interns to incorporate diversity into their clinical work. We strive to enhance diversity competencies by integrating diversity into the didactic training curriculum, supervision, all clinical training experiences, recruitment and retention efforts and ongoing educational opportunities.

In addition, formal case presentations include a diversity component to facilitate dialogue, peer consultation and active considerations of multicultural views. Current articles from peer reviewed journals on diversity and cultural adaptation are provided.

Regarding recruitment, we seek diverse applicants and those who have strong interests and experience in diversity. Training staff carefully review applicants for eligibility and examine personal statements, essays, research interests and bilingual abilities to determine diversity interests and sensitivity. Over the past five years, diverse interns range from 10-32%. The goal is to continue to improve in this area.

Supervisors focus on and model multicultural competence in the supervisory relationship, which enhances the intern’s ability to grow and develop competence. Continuing education workshops on diversity and supervision are offered for supervisors to provide them with current resources and skills necessary to practice within a multicultural framework and incorporate diversity into the supervision process. During the past five years, intern ratings of supervisors are consistently high on the end-of-year evaluations regarding the item “addressed diversity issues in supervision.”

Diversity Committee

A diversity committee was developed to include interns, supervisors, and the executive training director. It was designed to facilitate training opportunities in diversity and evaluate how we deal with diversity and recruitment of diverse staff and interns.


  • Recommend diversity resources
  • Recommend intern development workshops
  • Recommend supervisor/staff development workshops
  • Discuss and analyze recruitment and retention efforts

More information on diversity components of the program:

Diversity-related didactic topics

Diversity reading list

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