Program Overview

Immaculata's B.A. in Social Work provides a background in sociology and helps you develop the critical thinking skills you need to enter the helping professions and work with minorities or groups that require special interventions.

Classes explore dilemmas in American social policy, intervention strategies for adolescents and families, social work practice in medical settings, mental disorders, disabilities, mental and behavioral health resources, and ethnic and racial minorities.

You will participate in two supervised field experiences that will help you develop your resume and prepare you for future employment or graduate study in social work, psychology or other helping or allied health professions.

Program Highlights

  • A strong focus on social justice
  • An internship with an agency within your field

Cassandra McCullough '16"IU prepared me for grad school by informing me about many different schools and options that we had when applying. I had faculty that wrote letters of recommendations, we had staff lecture on cover letter writing, and had professors that understood the difficulties of applying to grad school while trying to balance your current field position and the rest of your classes.

"My senior year at IU, I had my clinical experience at an alternative school. This experience ultimately led me to my passion of working with adolescents. My professor at IU that oversaw our clinical experiences always allowed room for discussion on our field internships, any problems we were having, as well as debriefing and asking questions on certain populations or people groups. Our professor had many different types of clinical experience herself, which enhanced our classroom learning!"

—Cassandra McCullough '16, Master of Social Work Candidate

Career Potential

  • Court or school social worker
  • Social service agency worker
  • Clinical social worker
  • Non-profit agency employee
  • Community development specialist
  • Correctional facility program developer


View the course sequence sheet for the Social Work. B.A.


In SOC/SWK 343: Field Practicum I, you will visit an agency or center one day a week and attend a weekly seminar in which you will learn basic interviewing skills, the development of a problem-solving, therapeutic relationship and various counseling interventions and values necessary to work with people in need and people of diverse backgrounds.

SOC/SWK 346: Field Practicum II consists of 12 or more hours in the field and a seminar once a week. You may opt to be in one field placement for both practicums or two different placements. Choosing to complete your second practicum at a different site will broaden your experience and allow you to work with more than one population and supervisor.

Learning Outcomes

The Social Work program at Immaculata aims to:

  • Develop the basic conceptual tools, methods and theories necessary to understand social behavior, social groups and society
  • Provide experience that is applicable to and complements careers in law and advocacy, management and personnel, psychology and any of the allied medical/mental health fields
  • Facilitate students' abilities to work with diverse populations in the public or private sector
  • Prepare students for graduate study in social work, psychology or criminology; or for Spanish-speaking social work, teaching positions, allied health professions, or business

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