Program Overview

Immaculata offers a variety of biology and psychology degrees that allow you to choose electives that suit your areas of interest and your career plans.

The Bachelor of Arts in Biology/Psychology is intended for students pursuing careers in psychology that require a significant foundation in the biological sciences, such as psychobiology or pharmaceutical and medical research.

It is possible to complete your degree in four years of full-time study after prerequisites are met. If you need to take courses to fulfill prerequisites, your degree may take longer. Learn more about general prerequisites and transferring credits.

Program Highlights

  • Strong foundation in liberal arts
  • Preparation for careers in research, education, and medicine
  • Provides a foundation for graduate study at the cutting edge of science

Career Potential

Immaculata biology/psychology majors are prepared for technical positions in academic, industrial, government research and quality control laboratories, and field stations. Biology/psychology majors who also develop good writing skills expand their opportunities for careers, such as work in scientific publishing and abstracting.

The program also provides excellent training for students intending to continue their studies in graduate and professional schools in preparation for careers as professors, principal investigators, physicians, and more. If you are interested in the field of medicine, the Advisory Committee for the Medical Professions provides information, advisement, and services to prepare you for a career in medicine (including physician's assistant), dentistry, optometry, podiatry, or veterinary medicine.


Day courses are required. Please view the course sequence sheets - Prerequisites satisfied, Prerequisites included


Qualified students are encouraged to conduct undergraduate research projects in their junior and senior years under the supervision of a faculty mentor. The research may take the form of summer internships on- or off-campus or independent courses during the regular academic year. Information on extramural research internship opportunities is kept on file and is available to all science students. Learn more about biology research opportunities.

You may also participate in research projects with psychology faculty, exploring topics such as psychotherapy, developmental disabilities, stress reduction, the integration of psychology and spirituality, and child development.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successfully completing your biology/psychology program, you will be able to:

  • have a basic scientific knowledge of yourself, your surroundings, and living systems
  • follow safe, proper procedures to set up laboratory equipment and prepare specimens
  • apply the scientific method and analyze and interpret data using statistics, models, and computers
  • evaluate ethical considerations in modern research
  • think critically and communicate well in writing
  • understand current topics in biological and psychological sciences

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