Political Science & International Relations

Program Overview

Political science is about far more than the study of governments, public policy, and elections: it is a highly versatile and engaging liberal arts discipline that develops proficiency in analytical and critical thinking, efficient and effective communication, and a deeper understanding of the ways in which you can create change in your local and global community.

This program applies up-to-the-moment real-world events, digital technology, and enduring theories of politics to a course of study that expands your knowledge of the political and social world around you. You can expect to become a sophisticated observer of—and an active participant in—the political sphere, both domestically and internationally. In a time of unprecedented change and rapidly expanding interactions in the global village, a major in politics and international relations will empower you to be an active citizen of the world!

You will be introduced to different political theories of liberty and justice. You will learn how to engage in research and interpretation, and you'll write a senior thesis about a specific issue in political science. You'll learn to make informed responses to the human condition and to appreciate the influence of the many cultures of our human heritage.

Program Highlights

  • Examine an array of topics in American politics, international relations, and comparative politics.
  • Participate in internships with elected officials, advocacy groups, political campaigns, businesses, law firms, and more to add practical experience to your growing knowledge.
  • Understand the relationship of the past to the present so that you gain insight into the complexity of contemporary national and international issues.
  • Listen to guest speakers on various topics in history and politics. 
  • Study abroad and get international experience.

Career Potential

Your background in politics and international relations will prepare you to analyze and address numerous public challenges. Your training and field experience will position you to deal with issues such as education, law and criminal justice, homeland security, management of environmental resources, demographics and immigration, urban planning and transportation. 

Career options include:

  • Law
  • Government service
  • Criminal justice
  • Public administration
  • International business
  • Teaching
  • Lobbying
  • Journalism
  • Non-profit organizations and advocacy groups
  • Corporations responding to government regulations
  • Social services

Our graduates have been hired in a variety of arenas—lawyers, paralegals, investigators and translators in law firms; regulatory and compliance officers in financial firms and other corporations; employees in major non-profits such as museums and health and community organizations; government agency workers in county and state court systems and police and fire services; and teachers in secondary school classrooms.


See the course sequence sheet for Political Science & International Relations.


Your internship will allow you to explore the legal system or the work of government or social services agencies. Our students are often able to turn their internships into jobs after graduation.

In recent years, our students have held internships at state and federal legislatures, presidential election campaigns, financial firms, the National Constitution Center, local law offices, the Office of the Chester County Commissioners, the Juvenile Parole Office of Chester County, the Foreign Policy Research Institute, the Narcotics Division of the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office, and the Smithsonian Institution.

Learning Outcomes

When you successfully complete your Political Science and International Relations major at Immaculata, you will be able to:

  • Analyze the history, problems, and functions of U.S. federal, state, and local government
  • Understand concepts in international relations, such as the balance of power, negotiation, sovereignty, national interest, and foreign policy decision-making
  • Examine American public policies in health care, economics, environmental regulation, welfare, and crime
  • Use historical sources, including primary documents, secondary interpretations, literature and art, and quantitative data
  • Evaluate major debates among political scientists

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