College of Undergraduate Studies

Getting Started for Study Abroad

Process for Approval

The process for planning a semester abroad can be simple, but it does involve several important steps:

  1. Make an appointment with the coordinator of study abroad programs at Immaculata. The coordinator can advise you in choosing the program that best fits your goals.  Please be prepared to share your goals for study abroad at this meeting. The coordinator is Sister Elaine Glanz, ext. 3479 or

  2. Meet with your academic advisor to discuss course selection. Keeping in mind the degree requirements of your specific major, you and your advisor should carefully plan the program you choose and the courses you select.  Meeting with an academic advisor is mandatory. You need to be sure that your courses abroad will be accepted into your academic program at Immaculata.

  3. Apply for your passport. This takes 4 to 6 weeks, so plan ahead. You can apply for a passport at certain post offices or directly from the United States Department of State.

    For information about passport application through local post offices, consult either the U.S. Postal Service or the U.S. Department of State

    You may also apply directly at the Department of State, either here or here

  4. Meet with the Immaculata University Financial Aid staff to ask how study abroad affects your current loans and grants. They will be glad to answer your questions.

  5. Complete the Immaculata University Study Abroad Form and obtain required signatures in order.  This form can also be found in the Study Abroad Office.

  6. Complete the host institution’s application.  Appropriate information can be found through the websites linked to specific approved programs or affiliated universities. 

  7. If you have health concerns or physical challenges, obtain a statement from a physician attesting to your ability to travel and study abroad.

  8. Obtain health insurance coverage. Most programs through Immaculata's affiliated companies provide student health insurance. However, if the program does not provide health insurance, coverage can be obtained through Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI). Immaculata University does not provide insurance for study abroad participants. 

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