Theology B.A.

Theology B.A.

Theology illuminates the relationship between faith and reason and establishes a bridge between faith and life. Immaculata's Theology program explores and explains the Catholic Christian faith and its ongoing dialogue with culture, politics, economics, and other areas of human experience.

You will reflect on the rich Catholic intellectual tradition, learning about the Bible's themes and principles of interpretation, systematic theology, ethics, human dignity, and the sacraments. You'll come to appreciate your own dignity as a person created in God's image; you'll recognize that dignity in others; and you'll grow in virtue, in true happiness, and in your ability to love and serve all people.

Through various elective classes, you'll have opportunities to learn about approaches to prayer, the mystery of sin and salvation, Christology, Marian doctrine, hope in the midst of suffering, Catholic social teaching, the saints, world religions, and theology of the body, among other topics.

Most students study theology to prepare for a career in teaching or in key pastoral or administrative positions in religious ministry. Others plan to pursue graduate work in theology. Some students choose theology as a supplementary major, because theology's focus on the central questions of human existence complements and extends their commitment to their first major in the humanities or sciences.

Specific career options include:

  • Religious educator
  • Coordinator of youth ministry
  • Campus minister
  • Director of religious education
  • Pastoral administrator/associate
  • Adult education director
  • Director of liturgy

Basic requirements: 33 credits

  • Five core curriculum courses: 15 credits (includes IU core ethics requirement: THE 218 Intro to Ethics)
  • Two selections from clusters: 6 credits
  • Four electives: 12 credits 

View the course sequence sheet for the B.A. in Theology.

Stephen Miles, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Theology; Department Chair
610-647-4400 ext. 3669

When you successfully complete your theology major, you will be able to:
  • Understand Christian revelation and heritage in light of the Catholic intellectual tradition
  • Display your knowledge in biblical, systematic, moral, and sacramental theology
  • Appreciate prayer, ministry, and Gospel proclamation
  • Relate theological principles to the reality of contemporary life

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