Program Overview

The Music Education program, one of the oldest academic programs at Immaculata, prepares students to become certified music educators in public, private, or religious-affiliated schools from kindergarten through 12th grade. By maintaining and supporting its strong Music Education program, Immaculata is responding to America’s need for dedicated, well-qualified music educators in the 21st  century. 

Core music courses and general requirements form a support for this degree program. You'll gain a strong foundation in the fundamentals of music and solid preparation to use the power of music to teach and to enrich the lives of all people.

Following completion of the program, students apply for certification by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. The Pennsylvania certification is recognized by other states, and out-of-state students easily secure reciprocal certification in their home states.

Program Highlights

Talented faculty

Our faculty members love music and will inspire you to love it, too. As accomplished scholars, performers, and educators, they are well-connected in the music world and can assist you with networking. You’ll get personal attention during private lessons from professors who will encourage you to continually strive for artistic improvement.

All-Steinway School

Immaculata is an All-Steinway School with several Steinway concert grand pianos and numerous Steinway-made practice pianos.

Guest speakers

All music students gather weekly to listen to guest speakers and performers who cover various topics in music and give recitals. Organizations such as NAfME (National Association for Music Education), Pennsylvania Music Educators Association (PMEA), and Music Teachers National Association (MTNA) regularly visit the campus, offering students opportunities to learn more about their field.

Performance opportunities

Immaculata offers a number of musical organizations as well as ensembles for a variety of instruments and musical tastes. You’ll have frequent chances to perform, either in a group or solo.

Convenient location

With its proximity to Philadelphia, Immaculata offers access to live performances of classical, jazz, rock, folk, world, and hip-hop music. Check out the concert schedules of performance venues such as the Kimmel Center, the Mann Center, and World Café Live.

Clubs and Organizations

Gabrielle Capaldi, music education major"IU prepared me for my career as a music teacher through the courses, music ensembles, student teaching, and various work study positions. I learned so much in each of my positions on campus, gained more confidence with each new experience, and loved being involved! All of these experiences helped me become a more engaging, passionate, hardworking, caring, and talented music educator."

—Gabrielle Capaldi '14, music teacher, Sts. Simon and Jude School


Immaculata’s music education program is comprehensive, preparing you to teach students with a range of ages, and equipping you to instruct them in choral and instrumental music, music appreciation, and music theory. You will observe and participate in classroom settings, and you’ll gain practical experience through student teaching.

Our Music Education program prepares aspiring music teachers to work in every capacity: elementary, middle, high school, as well as general, choral, and instrumental music. Because performance is emphasized within the curriculum, our program's graduates are not just teachers, but musician-teachers who will be able to master their instrument for use inside the classroom and for other music opportunities, such as teaching private lessons and playing for churches, musical theatre, and bands. —Cameron Stringham ’14, music education major

View the course sequence sheet for the Bachelor of Music in Music Education.

Student Teaching

Your pre-service preparation will begin in freshman year as you become an active member of the Immaculata Chapter of PCMEA (Pennsylvania Collegiate Music Educators Association) and its affiliate NAfME (the National Association for Music Education).

Your sophomore field experience consists of a minimum of 20 half-day observations in diverse educational settings, including elementary, middle, and high school and a variety of music classes, such as general music, choral, band, orchestra, drumming, piano, guitar, and music technology. 

During the first semester of your junior year, you will visit one school weekly in order to observe students’ musical growth and development. Throughout the second semester of junior year, you will spend a whole day each week at the school where you will be student teaching.

Student teaching under the supervision of a master music educator takes place in the fall semester of senior year for traditional students.


Immaculata is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM), and the Music Education program is in compliance with the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE).

Admission Requirements

Contact the Music Department at (610) 647-4400 ext. 3453 or e-mail to arrange for an audition. You will also need to submit the Music Department application, in addition to Immaculata's general undergraduate application.

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