Program Overview

In partnership with Thomas Jefferson University, Immaculata offers a Bachelor of Science in Allied Health with a concentration in Bioscience Technologies. You will be introduced to laboratory science, practice, and research, where you will be trained in lab methodology and conducting tests that diagnose and prevent disease. You will also gain experience through practica in clinical and research laboratories at prestigious hospitals, medical centers, and laboratories.

Within the Bioscience Technologies program, you may choose from the following specialties:

Biotechnology—Study information obtained at the molecular level, such as RNA, DNA and proteins, to develop new therapeutic, diagnostic and environmental products or to solve problems in health, pharmaceuticals, forensics, agriculture, food technology, forestry and wildlife management, veterinary medicine, and the fight against bioterrorism.

Cytotechnology—Evaluate cell specimens using microscopes, automated screening systems, and laboratory techniques; detect, interpret and report cancerous cells, precancerous changes, infections, inflammatory patterns and treatment-related conditions.

Medical Laboratory Science—Conduct health screenings using sophisticated technology to test patient specimens and interpret results, checking for abnormalities, markers of disease, and infectious microorganisms.

You may also choose to complete a five-year combined bachelor's and master's degree in Bioscience Technologies.

Career Potential

Bioscience laboratory technologists have a wide variety of options for their future careers. They may pursue jobs such as practitioners, researchers, sales professionals, or educators.

Continued growth in biotechnology and medical research is expected to increase demand for these workers.


To complete the undergraduate program, you will take three years of health and liberal arts courses at Immaculata to work toward a Bachelor of Science in Allied Health. You will then transition to the Jefferson School of Health Professions’ Bioscience Technologies program to complete a bachelor’s degree in bioscience technologies in one year.

To complete the five-year B.S./M.S. degree in Bioscience Technologies, you will spend your first three years at Immaculata and then proceed to Thomas Jefferson University for the final two years of bioscience technologies coursework.

View the course sequence sheet for the Allied Health program with a concentration in Bioscience Technologies.

Admission Requirements

In addition to satisfying Immaculata's admission requirements, please ensure that you meet all prerequisites for Jefferson’s program. You do not need to submit a separate application to Jefferson.

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