Program Overview

Immaculata's English major allows you to engage in lively discussions of literary works, learn different theories of literary criticism, develop your proficiency with digital media, and participate in mentored research on topics that interest you. Advanced literature and writing courses develop your critical thinking and creative writing skills while familiarizing you with classic and contemporary works.

The program is designed to produce graduates who are proficient in:

  • Analysis of narratives from other cultures and viewpoints
  • Analysis and interpretion of texts and their themes
  • Writing clear, coherent, and compelling essays that demonstrate creative and independent thought and that draw readers in
  • Reading, comprehending, summarizing, analyzing, evaluating, and drawing conclusions from texts as well as understanding historical and cultural contexts
  • Enjoying great literature!

You may choose one of two tracks in the English major:

  • English—a foundational major that prepares students for many fields that require critical thinking and writing proficiency, or for graduate or law school.
  • English with Secondary Education—leads to certification and provides practical experience in middle and high schools. You will need to complete classroom observation and student teaching requirements and fulfill the requirements for teacher certification

The English program offers small classes and frequent interaction with professors, creating a non-threatening yet challenging atmosphere. You will have opportunities to conduct independent research with a faculty mentor and to present at local conferences.

Program Highlights

  • Opportunities for independent sponsored research ($2,000 per year)
  • Collaboration with faculty to create a hybrid major/minor
  • Opportunities for conference participation/attendance
  • Opportunity to complete an internship as arranged with an advisor
  • Study abroad opportunities in conjunction with British and Irish literature courses. You may choose to participate in a program at various institutions in England, Ireland, Scotland, and more.

Career Potential

An English major offers a solid foundation for many careers that rely on logical thought, clear communication, and a breadth of knowledge. The versatile skills you will develop are applicable to numerous fields, including law, business, publishing, marketing, government, media, education, development and the arts.

Depending on your interest and talents, you may pursue a career in technical writing, advertising, broadcasting, journalism, public relations, editing, or teaching. If you plan to go on to graduate school, an English degree is valuable in the fields of law, library science, international relations, business, and mass communication.

Contact the Office of Career Development for more information about careers for English majors.


English majors are required to take a minimum of 10 upper-division courses, including Literary Analysis and Research, Advanced Composition, and English Seminar; six credits from core courses in modern British and American literature; and 15 additional credits of 300-level English courses.

View the course sequence sheets for the English major or the English and Secondary Education major, with lists of required courses.

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