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All fields must be filled out fully and correctly in order to receive a tutor. Please remember to click SUBMIT. 

E-mail is the mode in which we will typically communicate with you, so please check your e-mail regularly.

Response time varies based on tutor availability. You will receive an e-mail as soon as a tutor is available. You may typically expect a wait time of up to two weeks; if there is a longer wait, you will be notified.

Once you are notified of your tutor’s contact information, it is your responsibility to contact your tutor to set up a tutoring session.

CLL students should notify his or her academic advisor about tutor requests as they are subject to tutor availability.
(This is how we will typically contact you.)
BIOL, CHE, etc. I understand the Academic Success Center does not provide tutoring for math, writing, or English composition. Please contact the Math Center (LH 105; or Writing Center (Library; for assistance in these subject areas.
(101, 103, etc.)
*The Academic Success Center makes no guarantee that you will be partnered with the specific tutor you requested.
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