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Guidelines for Research Using Immaculata Populations

All research to be conducted at Immaculata University requires the initial review and approval of the appropriate dean(s), administrators, and faculty members. The following guidelines are to be observed regarding internal and external requests for research using Immaculata populations.
1. The proposed study must be submitted with a brief, written request to the Dean for Academic Affairs. This request must be in the form of a letter that includes: purpose of the study, for whom the study is being prepared (institution, program and/or class), population(s) involved, projected timeline of the study, the benefits of the study for Immaculata, the faculty moderator for the study, design of the study, and student contact information. The Dean will review the research request and determine its appropriateness for Immaculata University.
2. Upon the request’s approval by the Dean and in order to proceed to the next stage for approval to conduct the study, the student or researcher must submit to the Research Ethics and Review Board (RERB) a written protocol to conduct research using populations affiliated in any way with Immaculata University. The research protocol and any materials to be distributed must be submitted along with documentation reflecting the academic affiliation of the researcher (i.e. a letter from the faculty moderator on letterhead from the University).
3. These materials must pass the review process affiliated with any research conducted by students attending Immaculata University, which includes but is not restricted to the RERB.
4. If the research is approved by the RERB, a recommendation will be forwarded to the appropriate Dean and the Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA).  The VPAA must approve all research to be conducted by parties outside of Immaculata University.
5. The recommendation of the vice president is forwarded to the president, who makes the final decision whether the research may be conducted using populations directly associated with Immaculata University.
6. Copies of final approvals will be sent to the Associae Dean for the College of Graduate Studies, who is also chair of the RERB.  These actions will be conducted within a 60-day period from the initial submission of materials to the Dean of Academic Affairs. However, it should be recognized that outside research initiatives will not be given priority over review of materials and activities directly connected with the institution.

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