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Academic Coaching

The goal of the Academic Success Center is to help you strengthen your academic skills so you may benefit fully from your college experience.  Professional staff members meet with students individually or in groups to teach and facilitate the use of individualized learning tactics. In most cases, how often you seek academic assistance is at your discretion. You can take advantage of our FREE 30-minute academic coaching sessions as often or as infrequently as you would like. 

Academic coaching is available in a variety of formats, which include:

  • Voluntary one-time meeting with Academic Coach
  • Voluntary weekly meetings with Academic Coach
  • Voluntary bi-weekly meetings with Academic Coach
  • Voluntary monthly meetings with Academic Coach
  • REQUIRED weekly meetings with Academic Coach (e.g. mandated by an athletic team or the Second Chance Program)

Again, academic coaching sessions are individually tailored and can address learning tactics that can help you improve as a college student, such as:

Time Management

You face many competing interests for your limited time. We can help you prioritize your life, so you can concentrate on what is most important.

Study Skills

College exams are vastly different from those in high school. The material is more detailed and copious. It’s likely that some of your study skills could use an upgrade.

Note-Taking Strategies

Good note-taking is crucial to college success. We can help you take better notes and organize them after the fact, so they are useful.

Test-Taking Strategies

There is more to taking exams than just starting at question 1 and working your way through the test. Let us share our tips on how to divide and conquer exams.

Test Anxiety

A certain amount of anxiety before and during an exam is normal and oftentimes beneficial, but when that anxiety begins to negatively affect your ability to perform on exams, you may need help managing it.

Stress Management

Between exams, papers, work, extra-curricular activities, friends, and family, students have unique stressors that can feel overwhelming. We can help reframe your workload and give you proven techniques to help manage your academic stress.

Memory Devices

Memory devices can help you remember large chunks of information easily. Whether it’s mnemonics, acronyms, or associations, memory devices can help improve your grades.


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