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The Office of Career and Professional Development provides a variety of services to help students examine their values, skills, and interests while at the same time providing them with opportunities that will allow them to grow and develop. They learn new skills and gain experience in the world of work, all to help them make the best, most informed choices possible relating to choosing a major and a career.

How can you help your student through these times of growth and development, exploration and change?  

Be supportive of your student’s career development. Most importantly, be patient and supportive while they explore different majors and careers. In addition, encourage them to:

  • Visit the Office of Career and Professional Development early on to learn about the available resources.
  • Explore their skills, interests, abilities, values, and strengths.
  • Get involved with various organizations and activities.
  • Obtain a summer job or internship to gain career-related experience.

You, too, can be involved with Career and Professional Development yourself. Perhaps you can provide other students with information relating to a profession they are interested in. Learn more about our Externship Job Shadowing program and how you might be able to host an undergraduate student to observe you in your job.

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